MAI Top 3 favourite skin care products!

Makeup can do wonders; however the first thing to beautiful skin and a flawless application is skin care. So here is list of some of MAI Makeup’s favorite products!



Lineage Water Mask -


WE SWEAR BY THIS PRODUCT! Ever since reading great reviews, I decided to pick one up for $30.00 at Sephora, which lasted me about thirty to forty-five days. Be sure to put this on before bed and you’ll see a difference within three nights. This I promise you. If you have dry skin, combination, or oily, it will be sure to smooth out your skin the next morning!


Skyn Nordic Skin Feel -


Fresh, gentle, and effective is the three words I would use to describe this product. Skyn Nordic Skin Feel can be purchased for $59.99 and contains 60 pads at LUX Beauty Boutique. I use this product when my skin is feeling stressed and I need a reset button. I find it gentle with a fresh cooling affect right after. I love how clean my skin feels after the second day.


Essentials by Nature, Rose Water -


This Nature Rose Water is perfect for a make-up setting spray, or a “refresher” at any point of the day. This can be purchased for $24 on their website, or local vendor stores such as The Makers Keep.  I make sure to use this once in the morning when I wake up, and additionally throughout the day when my skin needs a refreshing up or hydration. My favourite part is that it adds moisture to the skin without the oily affect. Continued use actually helped to combat blemishes! 


Laurie K. Jensen

Stepping into this industry, I never would have thought one of my most trusted friends would be a photographer. Starting out, I didn’t know what to expect other than meeting clients.


Then one day I got my very first referral to work with a professional photographer and I nervously I put myself out there. Fast forward to the next week and BOOM! I met Laurie. Funny thing is… I was only supposed to be the hair and makeup artist for elopement shoot – however, two days before the shoot there were complications and suddenly we didn’t have models! Being the brilliant person Laurie is, suggested that myself and my man to model. We were both a little scared as we had never modelled together before , but both of us came to be excited as we were captivated by her energy.


It was an odd feeling (as we had only ever spoken online), but when we met up it felt as though we were old friends. The two hours went by so quickly and our two puppies Chester (the Whippet) and Dobby (the Chihuahua) bonded quickly.


After that meet Laurie and I continued to collaborate, help each other out, offer advice, and get together for the occasional homemade dinners. It was a relief having someone who shared the “communal stresses” of being an entrepreneur; sometimes you can’t help but hit a low. No matter what, Laurie has been there and seen me through the toughest times.


Longggg story but she’s a big reason why MAI Makeup has become the success it is today. Not just business advice or her constant support, but Laurie has taught me so many things such as persistence, patience, and finding you own personal brand. Through photoshoots and multiple publications I have always learnt a new lesson. She’s helped us understand the importance of social media and showing who you are in your company. See our awesome logo, colors, and branding photos? That’s all thanks to Laurie who brought our team energy to life.


Thank you Andrew for letting me steal your wife for hour at a time, and patiently listening to us chit chatter back and forth. Thank you Chester the Whippet for being so kind to Dobby and welcoming me with puppy love, and lastly, I can’t forget to thank Laurie’s family! The ones that let me barge into their house, holding a DQ bag full of fries and ready to talk and rant!


If you’re looking for a talented, personable, fun, and real photographer there’s only one choice. Laurie is definitely the one.