MAI Top 3 favourite skin care products!

Makeup can do wonders; however the first thing to beautiful skin and a flawless application is skin care. So here is list of some of MAI Makeup’s favorite products!



Lineage Water Mask -


WE SWEAR BY THIS PRODUCT! Ever since reading great reviews, I decided to pick one up for $30.00 at Sephora, which lasted me about thirty to forty-five days. Be sure to put this on before bed and you’ll see a difference within three nights. This I promise you. If you have dry skin, combination, or oily, it will be sure to smooth out your skin the next morning!


Skyn Nordic Skin Feel -


Fresh, gentle, and effective is the three words I would use to describe this product. Skyn Nordic Skin Feel can be purchased for $59.99 and contains 60 pads at LUX Beauty Boutique. I use this product when my skin is feeling stressed and I need a reset button. I find it gentle with a fresh cooling affect right after. I love how clean my skin feels after the second day.


Essentials by Nature, Rose Water -


This Nature Rose Water is perfect for a make-up setting spray, or a “refresher” at any point of the day. This can be purchased for $24 on their website, or local vendor stores such as The Makers Keep.  I make sure to use this once in the morning when I wake up, and additionally throughout the day when my skin needs a refreshing up or hydration. My favourite part is that it adds moisture to the skin without the oily affect. Continued use actually helped to combat blemishes!