MAI Team

Confidence In Our Work


TC Mai

Master Makeup Artist

TC, founder of MAI Makeup began with an academic background in interior design - but ever since she's had an eye for all things chic and pretty! Post makeup certification, she quickly honed her artisan skills with the support of her friends and family.

Success soon followed in the form of referrals for photoshoots, fashion shows, and bridal parties; which quickly transformed her entrepreneurial spirit.

Since then, MAI Makeup has become a full time career which services bridal parties, stagettes, photoshoots, editorial shoots, fashions shows, and even beauty pageants around the world. Being published in over 10 different local and international magazines, TC understands the importance of quality client interaction and work.


Joben Lopez


Bringing a wealth of knowledge from his career in corporate finance; Joben manages operations, implementation,  and accounting for MAI Makeup.

Graduating from the University of Alberta with a B.A Economics & Mathematics, Joben has spent over five years working as a trusted advisor for small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Western Canada.

Despite choosing to focus on the various business aspects of MAI Makeup, he is often seen on-set of major collaborations to help coordinate our product specialists.

If TC is the sail on a ship, then Joben is often the rudder.


Shawna Truong

Pro Assistant Makeup Artist 

Shawna is a Pro Makeup Artist at MAI Makeup who has had a strong passion for the beauty industry.

"Ever since I picked up my first lipstick from my mom's vanity."

Shawna began her passion by starting up a YouTube channel at the age of 13 and since then has developed large audience that encompasses the globe. She has worked with numerous amounts of well known local and global beauty companies.  Constantly willing in learning new skills and techniques, Shawna loves to put a twist into her work making it her own. She will go above and beyond to ensure that you will look and feel beautiful on your special day! 


Fernanda Lyceum 

Master Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

Fernanda is a full time freelance hairstylist & makeup artist.

Though currently based in Edmonton. Fernanda has spent multiple years working in Montreal's eclectic Beauty Industry . Over the years Fernanda have created art in all aspects of beauty, and has been internationally published more times than she can count!

 Some of her experiences include celebrity fashion, beauty editorials, movies, TV and and fashions shows. Fernanda is currently teaching SFX at MC College, where she originally went as a student and completed my cosmetology studies.

Through continued hardwork, both individually and with like-minded artists, students and educators she will strive to continue to learn and grow in the art of hair and make up.

Dobby Mai Lopez

MAI Makeup Therapy Puppy

Being three pounds Dobby has been a therapy puppy for one year now! He enjoys quietly sitting on clients laps and being snuck treats. Kids are his favourite to sit with since they are perfect for his size. Dobby does not bark, however when he hears a Kanye West song turn on you'll catch him howling along!